PayPal Touts Crypto For Its ‘Super App,’ But It Won’t Buy Bitcoin Just Yet

Payments giant PayPal will “probably” not be following Tesla’s lead in bitcoin (BTC) buying just yet – but it will spare no effort in allowing its customers to fill their boots with crypto-related offerings.

In presentations to investors, PayPal Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dan Schulman spoke, along with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) John Rainey, expanded on the company’s grand plans as it aims to become a “super-app” – something akin to China’s AliPay, offering interoperability with a range of payment instruments. PayPal aims to almost double its customer base to 750 million users by 2025.

And crypto appears to be playing an important role in these plans: The firm said it will roll out the same crypto buy, sell and hold services that it currently operates in the USA in the UK at an unspecified date in the near future.

But speaking to CNBC, Rainey said,