International Sky Group – Offering Satellite Communication On Blockchain

International Sky Group – Augmenting the Communication Landscape

The 21st century marks the eon of formation of the global information society. Countries across the globe are centering their future on the development of info-communication technologies. In fact, the global telecommunication service market is speculated to reach a staggering value of USD 6.5 Trillion by the year 2018. Online world appearance without communication barriers would be transformational for the world economy and development. According to a research by the World Bank, a 10% growth in broadband penetration would increase the GDP growth rate by 1.21% in the developed countries, and 1.38% in the developing nations. In this article, we introduce you to the International Sky Group – a communication platform offering satellite communication on blockchain.

Challenges of Voice and Internet Technologies 

While many fields in telecommunication are constantly witnessing notable progression, voice and internet technologies are dealing with critical challenges. To begin with, even in this age of globalization, there are many parts of the world that lack decent mobile communication and are labeled as the ‘dead zone’. In many remote places, they are too complex and expensive for common masses to afford and adopt. Additionally, expensive roaming charges and unreliable connections are also setbacks that are impacting the growth.

According to a report published by World Statistics, merely 40% of the global population has access to the internet. Lack of access to adequate technologies, residences in remote areas, and insufficient income to afford mobile services are some of the fundamental reasons behind the low percentage of online accessibility. In some developing countries, the cost of broadband services is proportionate to a typical monthly salary, whereas, in developed countries, it accounts for only 1.5% of the standard monthly salary.

International Sky Group – A Revolutionizing Communication Platform 

International Sky Group is a unique project that envisions to eliminate critical challenges of the communication sphere and enable individuals to access voice and internet communication in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The platform has designed a ‘Satellite Communication System’ system that can function inextricably as well as individually with the present global telecommunication network. The system is developed on a low-orbit communication satellite constellation that enables high-speed information transfer to its users. It uses 98 satellites present on the low-Earth orbit that ensures a 100% coverage of the information surface of the ground, thereby considerably reducing costs and improving the accessibility of communication services.

Presently, the leading companies are planning to offer data transmission at 2 Mbps per subscriber by the year 2021 whereas ISG aims to offer 12 Mbps data transmission for one subscriber. Additionally, the platform uses phase-code manipulated signals that render reception and information transfer without dividing the data in the data array. Furthermore, the existing standard time required to connect a subscriber’s device to a space vehicle is 10 seconds but with ISG, this is possible in just 76 microseconds.