Introducing NOVAM- Cybersecurity For IoT Using Distributed Ledger Technology And AI

NOVAM – The Latest Cybersecurity Tool To Protect IoT

NOVAM uses distributed ledger technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically monitor and mitigate IoT threats from the secure boot chain, operating system,mobile application and network. NOVAM also provides auditing & regulatory compliance integration to threat monitoring and detection services to ensure system events are included on an immutable distributed ledger.

These technologies will help increase the accuracy of the NOVAM health check. The use of Machine Learning (ML) and probabilistic mathematics will give features like a security system that is ever alert, always present and device agnostic. NOVAM will protect endpoints and networks by monitoring and mitigating threats automatically on global Internet of Things devices and will boost the efficiency of these systems.

How Does NOVAM Works?

Watch the video below to understand how does NOVAM Works:-