LYM and REVV are partnering for a Special Liquidity Mining Event to give out F1 Delta Time prizes

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To celebrate Lympo and Animoca Brands becoming one family, we joined up with the REVV Token team to launch a Liquidity Mining Event offering rewards of F1® Delta Time 2020 NFTs and REVV Tokens!

A total of 50 common keys will be rewarded to the first 50 users providing minimum liquidity of 300K LYM and equivalent of REVV. 100,000 REVV Tokens, 10 Rare Keys, and 2 Epic Keys will be airdropped to randomly selected users from the whole liquidity provider base that will hold any amount of liquidity.

Finally, one Legendary Key will be given to a lucky participant chosen at random at the end of the event.

How to participate

Add 300,000 LYM tokens to Uniswap and the equivalent in REVV (as an LYM-REVV pair) and not withdraw it for the full 14 days. Click here to add your liquidity.

At the end of each week, we will review the liquidity pool information and airdrop the Common Keys to eligible participants. Only the first 50 qualifying liquidity providers will receive the Common Keys and have an option to win Legendary Key.

An additional prize pool is available for the Liquidity providers who will hold their LYM-REVV position of any amount till 2021–02–01 GMT+2.

At the end of the event [2021–02–01 10:00 AM GMT+2], we will randomly pick 10 lucky winners who will receive 10,000 REVV tokens each, 10 winners who will receive an F1® Delta Time 2020 Rare Key, 2 winners who will receive an Epic Key, and one random liquidity provider (from the first 50 qualifying liquidity providers) who will win a Legendary Key!

Click here to add your liquidity!

Note: At the time of writing existing liquidity providers of at least 300,000 LYM plus the equivalent value in REVV, excluding Animoca Brands, will automatically qualify for a reward provided that they do not withdraw their REVV until the day after the 14-day term has ended.

What is F1® Delta Time and REVV?

F1® Delta Time is the official Formula 1® blockchain game developed by Animoca Brands, which utilises non-fungible tokens and the REVV ERC20. The game centers around the collection and trading of unique Cars, Drivers, and Components — all of which exist as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The REVV token is an ERC-20 utility token that acts as the main currency for a number of game dApps developed by Animoca Brands, including F1® Delta Time.

What is NFT?

To better understand what NFT is, we suggest you watch this video presentation by Yat Siu — CEO and Co-founder of Animoca Brands.